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Kaetana Leontjeva

Kaetana Leontjeva
Kaetana Leontjeva joined LFMI in 2007 as a policy analyst. Her fields of expertise are public finances (budget and taxes) and pension reform. Her major studies accomplished while working at LFMI include a Conceptual Framework for Social Security Reform in Lithuania and an Analysis of the Challenges of the Weaknesses and Strategic Planning of the State Budget. Kaetana’s daily task at the Institute is to monitor the existing and new taxes and to propose solutions on how to lower taxes in Lithuania.
Kaetana graduated from Tufts University (Boston, USA) in 2007 with cum laude Bachelor's double degree in International Relations and Economics. She also holds an MA in Religion studies from Vilnius University.
In 2010 Kaetana participated in Acton Institute‘s (Michigan, USA) summer university program, attending lectures on philosophy, Christian theology, Catholic Social Teaching and economics.
Kaetana is member of a task force set up at the Sunrise Commission to deal with taxation issues.
She is author of more than 50 articles and commentaries on social, budget and tax policies and sovereign debts.